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Teen Skin Care Workshop for girls and boys from age 10 years old



The Workshop Helping Teens Struggling with problematic skin.

I have designed skincare workshops to help educate teenagers and young adults about skin and why it is so important to take off it from a young age.

I will cover everything there is to know about the skin and what your son/daughter can do to maintain a good skincare regime.

About 80% of us experience acne and spots in our teenage years. Problematic skin is a very emotional skin condition that can play havoc on your confidence as you are going through your impressionable years and

When I was younger many years ago, I would have loved someone to teach me the ins and outs of how my skin works, the ingredients, and how to care for my skin.
We use skin analysis to do a little detective work in finding out the major causes of each person’s skin condition.

We will go through products, and talk about skin types. Once we have accomplished their skin type a range of products will be used in a facial.

I have included the facial cleansing routine in the workshop as I think it is important that our children are aware of what they should be doing daily.

Also, some parents struggle with their own skin and do not feel confident advising their children.
We are going to use a natural product gentle but with effective ingredients.

In this workshop we will cover the following:
* About our skin and the changes during puberty
* Skin Care
* Skin Types
* What type of products to use and what to avoid
* What causes spots and pimples
* How to cleanse and remove makeup the right way.

Not only the skincare routine is important!!!!

Eat a balanced diet and make sure it’s full of colourful veggies. Avoid sugar at all costs as it affects the flora in the gut and exacerbates acne. Drink lots of water, take zinc, and know you are not alone, you are beautiful and perfect.

Seek professional help to care for and advise what ingredients and treatments are best for you and your body. A professional can speed up your results, minimize wasted money and frustrations on gimmick fads, and YouTube tips that may not be right for you.

Only small workshops are an available maximum of 8 people and it takes two hours long.

For 120 min workshop € 50.

We love creating customized workshops for private or small groups. Contact us and let us know what you want to learn or create and we will design a workshop, or series of workshops, specifically for you. 

For more information contact Brigitta +357 99929383

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