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Couple Massage Workshop

Power of Touch Couple’s MassageWorkshops

How wonderful would it be to receive a relaxing massage from your partner, or to be able to relieve any stress or tension your partner has and help him/her to relax? Rather than paying to go and receive a massage treatment and returning with a stressful drive back, you could receive the relaxing benefits at home from someone you love!

Slowing Down Time

When life gets in the way and you need a break, massage therapy is uninterrupted time spent together. You can talk or sit in silence—whatever you want to slow down time and enjoy your experience

This class is intended for those who are not looking to become Licensed Massage Therapists, but do want to learn how to give a great massage as a personal skill to their friends, family, and/or other loved ones!
Relax while learning to relieve muscle tension and improve comfort for your loved one’s head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Couple massage is limited to 6 couples maximum so that your Instructor may grant you both his/her undivided attention.  We respect your privacy with modesty-protecting practices throughout.

* We ask our students to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for class.
* If you or your partner are pregnant, please notify us when booking and bring a doctor’s note authorizing that you can be massaged.

The advantage of the couples massage workshop we show you how to use furniture from your home to deliver your treatments, as most people do not have a spare massage couch hanging about.  We will guide you through massage techniques that can be easily adapted to each other in your home.
Our couples massage classes teach you how to massage, without straining your body in the process. Posture and hands-free techniques are key to a longer-lasting massage session.

Our small group couples’ massage workshop is 3 hours long, which gives enough time for you and your partner to each give and receive a massage. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, teaching you relaxing flows and advanced techniques that are traditionally only taught at massage therapy schools. 
The workshop is fun and interactive, and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout! Typically, there will be up to six different couples in the workshop.

In addition, private lessons are available, if that is what you’d prefer.


Structure of the session:
1. First, I’ll chat with you both about what you want from the session so I can personalize it to
suit your needs.
2. I demonstrate a sequence of strokes and techniques to the other, after observation you will
get a chance to practice with your partner.
3. You will then swap places with your partner and I will guide them through a similar
sequence of massage strokes which they will practice on you.  (Both partners will get equal
time giving and receiving).
4. At the end of the session, I will answer any questions you have about your lesson. You will
get a lesson guide so you can practice your massage skills at home.
Massage is an ideal way to relax and recover from the stresses of everyday life. Comforting
and soothing techniques stimulate the body and release positive hormones, such as dopamine
and endorphins.

Massage can:
* reduce stress hormones
* increase immune function and improve circulation
* reduce muscle tension
* boost mental health and wellness
* A private massage workshop to help couples enhance their connection and relationship skills.

We love creating customized workshops for couples or small groups. Contact us and let us know what you want to learn or create and we will design a workshop, or series of workshops, specifically for you. 
Once you have learned your individualized massage routine, your tutor will film your or your partner’s routine on your own phone. You have a copy of your massage routine you can refer to and get help to remember your routine.

For more information  Please call Brigitta +357 99929383 .

For 3hr Couple of massage workshops € 65 per couple
Min 4 couple

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