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The Beginning
7 Buddhas Yoga & Massage Journey

Dear visitor, thank you for having a look at our website 7 Buddhas Yoga and Massage Center Paphos.

I am Ernestos, an experienced Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist in Paphos, and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing through Yoga and Massages.

If you wish to visit our Yoga and Massage center in Paphos here is our address on

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After a slipped disc operation, I had to discover myself in a very bad condition.

2 months in hospital, 69 kg discharged from hospital, and 1 year later 125 kg.

The disk between L5 - S1 "disappeared", and vertebrae moved apart and fused.

I found a way out of this bad situation by myself and with YOGA!!! I want to spread my self-experience and well-founded knowledge about the human body and its well-being, with Yoga and Massage Therapy.

Through my daily practice with Yoga and Massages, I strive to align clients' muscular condition and promote well-being to keep body, mind, and spirit healthy.

I started to build up 7 Buddhas Yoga and Massage Center 6 months before Corona, alone.

Nowadays I found a team of great therapists, working with me together 🙏

At 7 Buddas Yoga and Massage Center, Paphos, Cyprus, you will find the tailored treatment for your needs!

Welcome to Cyprus, Paphos, welcome at 7 Buddhas!


Muscles are "funny" things, they are made to contract, not to stretch. Only if the Agonist and Antagonist are working together correctly and they are balanced, the body will be healthy. 

In "modern life" there is no way to get healthy muscles, only if you stretch them (balance them)!

One "stretch" for 10 seconds is not a stretch!

Nobody likes stretching - neither me - but it´s necessary!
My whole body stretch routine every second day is more than two hours, one stretch holding for 4 minutes. 
But you don´t need to do this!

Just integrate stretching into your daily life! 


How can I feel better?

Come to 7 Buddhas Massage and Yoga Center Paphos ​and find out!


©2022 by 7 Buddhas Paphos, Cyprus

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