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What kind of massages are we doing?

We offer a mix between Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage, with a little bit of Trigger Points, Reflexology, and more. 

Also Traditional Thai Massage.

Come and make your experiences



30 Min. Back and Neck Massage € 30


1 hour Full Body Massage for € 45

90 Minutes Full Body Massage for € 60

1-hour Couple Massage for € 80

90 Minutes Couple Massage for € 110

(2 people, same time, same room!)

Please make an early appointment with your therapist, to arrange your massage or call (better text):



Our Team


Annabelle our Thai Massage Therapist is also doing Swedish and  Deep Tissue Massage.

Filipino, English

Iveta will make you feel relaxed but also can do stronger massage to release your muscle tension. She is specialized in Reflexology.

Lithuanian, English, Russian



Yuliia is great for a relaxing and gentle feel-good massage with lots of stress relief. 

Also, she is specialized in Anti-cellulite massage.

Ukrainian, Russian, English


Ernestos is specialized in Therapeutical, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

He loves to work on your shoulders....but not only there.

German, English



Katalin is specialized in  Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

Hungarian, English


Aurea is specialized in  Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

Filipino, English


Juliette is specialized in  Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

Filipino, English


Gift Vouchers

You can individualize your Voucher!

Just send us the text, that you want to print on your Voucher!

We will send you the Voucher per email. 

Just print it out or send us the address and we will send the voucher to you or your beloved!